The Key


Curriculum Intent

At The Turing School, we take pride in our innovative inclusion facility, "The Key". This facility is specifically designed to propel students towards their full potential. Infused with our ethos - Aspiration, Diversity, Respect, and Innovation, The Key 'Enhances, Enriches, and Excels' in offering individualised and intensive support at the most crucial moments, ensuring every student reaches their full potential. 



Aspiration: The Key is committed to cultivating aspiration. We foster an environment that motivates students to aim high, igniting their potential and instilling a sense of ambition and confidence. Through tailored support plans, the application of therapeutic thinking, and a culture of high expectations, we empower students to actively chase their future aspirations.

Diversity: Embracing diversity is the cornerstone of The Key's philosophy. Our bespoke curriculum is tailored to address the unique learning needs of each student, providing a rich and diverse educational experience. Supported by ELSA and ESBAS, our systems are capable of addressing specific requirements and providing bespoke support, ensuring that each student feels valued and respected.

Respect: Respect forms the foundation of our approach at The Key. We foster an environment that values the individuality of each student, promoting open communication and empathy. By prioritising safety and inclusivity, we cultivate a nurturing atmosphere where all students thrive, developing robust social-emotional skills and a strong sense of self-respect.

Innovation: Innovation thrives at The Key, where we champion evidence-informed teaching methods. We prepare students for a rapidly evolving world, offering a well-rounded education that leads to excellent academic, social, and emotional outcomes, thereby equipping our students with the resilience and skills they need for future success and a swift return to mainstream education.



Curriculum Implementation

In implementing our vision of outstanding education, The Key delivers a bespoke curriculum through our specialist staff in a small group setting. This curriculum spans core subjects such as Maths, English, Science, and Humanities, with the flexibility for individualised learning plans. Each student's journey at The Key is a temporary yet transformative phase, designed to reintegrate them into mainstream education with confidence and resilience.

Our curriculum at The Key fosters independent learning and aligns with our innovative teaching practices. Through our use of extensive resources, support systems and services, we provide a comprehensive package of academic and emotional support. This tailored approach empowers students to develop their cognitive and social-emotional skills, effectively preparing them for their onward educational journey in a rapidly changing world.