Personal Development

At The Turing School, we are wholly committed to fostering the personal development of our students, preparing them not only for the academic rigours of the future but for the challenges and opportunities of adult life. Rooted in our vision of fostering an exceptional, inclusive, and forward-thinking learning community, our commitment to the holistic development of our students is paramount. Driven by our core values of aspiration, diversity, respect, and innovation, we ensure that every student is empowered to reach their full potential and is ready to embrace the challenges of tomorrow through explicit personal development within our curriculum.


Aspiration: At the heart of our is a culture of ambition. We nurture our students’ aspirations, inspiring them to aim for excellence in all walks of life. Be it through student council positions, subject leaders roles, or participation in our peer mentoring programme, we provide an array of opportunities to instil in our students essential skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. We enhance this aspiration through our comprehensive career support, including work experience placements, CV writing workshops, and our Big Future Show event, equipping our students with the tools they need to realise their future ambitions.

Respect: Creating a culture of mutual respect and understanding is a cornerstone of our ethos. We place great emphasis on fostering an environment where students are educated on online and offline risks, promoting mental and physical health, and encouraging the development of strong social-emotional skills. Our robust pastoral care and open communication channels ensure that our students feel heard, understood, and respected, fostering a community where learning and personal development can truly thrive.

Diversity: Celebrating the uniqueness of each student, we embrace diversity wholeheartedly. Our curriculum, enrichment opportunities, and support systems are tailored to the individual needs of our students, ensuring that everyone feels valued and respected. Our teachers, trained to address diverse learning needs, provide exceptional support, making every student feel seen and understood. Furthermore, our active community engagement initiatives and charity fundraising events foster a sense of social responsibility, enhancing our commitment to our wider community.

Innovation: To prepare our students for the future, we embrace innovation in all its forms. We proudly use evidence-informed, interactive teaching methods that not only lead to excellent academic outcomes but also promote the development of essential life skills. Creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and resilience are all championed, ensuring our students are ready to confront the challenges of the future, be they in their personal or professional lives.


In essence, The Turing School is more than just a school; it's a nurturing environment that fosters the holistic development of our students. We believe in the potential of every student and provide them with the tools, opportunities, and environment to grow into well-rounded individuals ready to make a positive impact in the world.