Subject leader

Andy Ibbott:

Curriculum Intent

At The Turing School, our intent is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for life's complexities through our Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) curriculum. Focusing on Relationships, Living in the Wider World, Health and Wellbeing, and World Views, we aim to develop positive attitudes, resilience, and open-mindedness. We prepare students for adult life, helping them identify strengths and set relevant goals.

Our focus on health promotes informed decisions for physical and mental wellbeing. Our rich curriculum cultivates tolerance, respect, and a celebration of diversity. Reflecting core values of respect, diversity, innovation and aspiration our PSHE curriculum empowers students to positively influence their communities and careers. At The Turing School, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals, ready for life's challenges and opportunities through our comprehensive, relevant, and dynamic PSHE curriculum.

Curriculum implementation 

Learning Journey

Year 7 learning questions:

How do I fit into the world I live in?

Do we need to feel ‘the same as’ to belong?

To what extent am I responsible for my health and safety?

Can my choices affect my dreams and goals?

What changes are happening to prepare me for adulthood?

What can make a relationship healthy or unhealthy? 

Year 8 learning questions

How different are we really?

Can I choose how I fit into the world?

Can I become more responsible for my health and happiness?

How do I create happy and healthy relationships? 

Why do we follow rules? 

Can the choices I make now influence my future?

Year 9 learning questions

How can substances impact on wellbeing? 

Who do I dream of becoming?

To what extent does the world I live in affect my identity? 

Is choice important within intimate relationships?

Is being different a good thing?

How can change affect mental health?

Year 10 learning questions

Does everyone in society have the right to be equal?

Is success only possible when physical and emotional needs are in balance?

Managing myself- money, finances and online safety

Is love all you need?

Can change be positive in some way?

When it comes to health to what extent am I in control?

Year 11 learning questions

Can I rely on myself to achieve my goals or do I need luck or destiny?

 Are we in the adult world at 16?

Should relationships, sex and sexual health be discussed more openly?

Without sufficient knowledge can we avoid misuse of power in our relationships?


In Key Stage 3 all students have 1 lesson of PSHE per week and the develop a range of skills such as: 

  • Risk assessment

  • Knowledge of laws and regulations

  • Oracy

  • Teamwork

  • Critical thinking.

Year 7

In terms 1&2 students will learn about their personal values and skills, bullying and managing emotions and different worldviews.

In terms 3&4 students will learn about online safety, being healthy, first aid and careers.

In terms 5&6 students will explore Puberty,emotions, consent (including FGM), healthy relationships and being intimate.

Year 8

In terms 1&2 students will learn about prejudice and discrimination, they will also develop an understanding of a range of beliefs and worldviews. 

In terms 3&4 students will develop their understanding of being healthy including body image, sexuality, healthy relationships and homophobia.

In terms 5&6 students will learn all about democracy, law, youth justice and life in the workplace.

Year 9

In terms 1&2 students will learn about addiction, its impact on health and the law surrounding it. They will also learn CV writing skills and consider their goals in life.

In terms 3&4 students will explore matters of happiness and identity, they will explore the Buddhist views on happiness and will look at what makes healthy relationships.

In terms 5&6 students will learn about diversity and how to avoid and challenge discrimination, they will understand how to look after our mental and emotional wellbeing.


1 lesson a week.

No exam board for PSHE.

Year 10

In terms 1&2 students will consider what it means to be living in a multicultural society and what equality means in this context. They will also consider their own dreams and goals for the future.

In terms 3&4 students will learn about how to manage money and budget and they will consider healthy relationships and the social influences on our relationships.

In terms 5&6 students will develop strategies to help cope with change and challenges they might face in trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

Year 11

In terms 1&2 students will consider their financial dreams and goals and will explore what it means to be entering into the adult world. They will also receive support in completing their college application.

In terms 3&4 students will learn about how to manage stress, develop their understanding of relationships and equality in those relationships.

In term 5 students will receive guided support for their exams such as scheduling revision and preparation for exams/stressful times in life.


Key Stage 3: Project based homeworks: 1 per term

Key Stage 4: Class teachers will set homework on a fortnightly basis. 

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“Strength lies in difference, not similarities” 

Stephen R. Covey