Join Our Staff

We welcome you to begin an exciting career at The Turing School, an innovative, research-engaged school within the Swale Academies Trust, committed to delivering an outstanding educational experience for our students. We invite you to join our talented team of teachers, leaders, and support staff. At The Turing School, we prioritise creating a diverse, inclusive, and supportive work environment where every staff member can thrive and contribute to our shared vision of unlocking every student's potential.


Supportive Working Conditions

We embrace quantitative assessments of teacher working conditions and utilise research on teacher motivation to establish an optimal workplace for our teachers, concentrating on factors that significantly influence teacher well-being and job satisfaction. Our data-driven approach to teacher working conditions and education means our staff can focus their time on what matters most. 

Career Growth

We understand the link between job satisfaction and career advancement (Sims, 2018), therefore we offer personalised career development opportunities for all staff members. Being part of the Swale Academies Trust allows us to present a broader range of opportunities, with regular promotion possibilities across schools to benefit our teachers, leaders, and students.

Supportive Leadership

Our friendly, supportive, and evidence-informed leadership team appreciates the vital role that leadership quality plays in teacher job satisfaction. We consistently embody our values and provide unwavering support to our teachers.

Collaborative Staff Culture

 Our systems and structure ensures that staff members have consistent opportunities to engage with colleagues within their department and beyond, nurturing a robust sense of collaboration and community.

Professional Learning and Development

Our nationally recognised, evidence-based professional learning and development programme promotes a flexible working arrangement to CPD to empower staff with more autonomy over their time, whilst providing a more objective approach to teacher development.

Staff Well-being

Our commitment to our staff includes supporting their wellbeing. This includes dedicated weeks without any meetings, an annual wellbeing day, a staff wellbeing lounge, and excellent staff facilities.

Research-Informed School

We take pride in our evidence-informed approach to education and our commitment to publishing research that assists others in understanding research engagement in schools. By joining our team, you will become part of a school that values objectivity and actively participates in educational research.

Desirable Location

The Turing School is nestled within scenic parkland featuring a peaceful lake, less than a 10-minute drive from the beach in Eastbourne, providing a pleasant environment for our staff.


Embark on a rewarding and dynamic career at The Turing School. We are eager to welcome you to our community.


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