At The Turing School, homework is an integral part of our commitment to cultivating an exceptional, innovative, and inclusive learning organisation. We understand the essential role homework plays in academic success, and have tailored our approach to ensure it serves as a beneficial tool for our students' learning journey.


An evidence-informed approach

Our innovative approach centres on spaced retrieval practice, an evidence-based strategy designed to activate prior knowledge from the curriculum. Beginning with KS3, we focus on mastering KS2 threshold concepts, reducing cognitive load in subsequent lessons and fostering a seamless transition through the curriculum. We believe in the power of spaced retrieval practice, enabling our students to reinforce their knowledge and apply it confidently, efficiently and effectively.

Research compellingly indicates that effective homework can lead to considerable additional academic progress per year. We've harnessed these findings in our homework policy, implementing quizzes, flashcards, retrieval mind maps and the use of digital platforms like SparxMaths and Seneca. These platforms not only provide immediate feedback but also personalise revision, aligning with our vision of individualised, student-centred learning.

These digital tools also allow us to collect invaluable data on student understanding, empowering our teachers to modify their practice and revisit areas that require more attention. Our aspiration for greatness for every student drives us to constantly refine our methods, ensuring each child is supported in their academic journey.


Parental Support 

We recognise the crucial role that parents play in the successful implementation of our homework policy, where students receive homework for each subject once a week. We encourage parents to provide a quiet, distraction-free space for their child to complete their work. Furthermore, we invite parents to take an active interest in their child’s homework through accessing their Google Classroom Guardian account and engaging in conversations about the homework that has been set. By checking that homework has been completed and reinforcing the message of its importance, parents play a key role in our shared vision for educational excellence.

At The Turing School, we see homework as an essential part of the learning journey. Our approach embodies our dedication to aspiration, respect, innovation, and diversity. By basing our homework on research evidence, we ensure our students are well-prepared to navigate an ever-evolving world with confidence and resilience.