Fundamental British Values

At The Turing School, we are committed to cultivating an exceptional learning environment that prepares our students not just for academic success, but for their roles as global citizens in the 21st Century. This includes nurturing an understanding and appreciation of Fundamental British Values in line with the Department for Education's guidance. The examples below provide a snapshot of our approach, embedded in our core values: Aspiration, Diversity, Respect, and Innovation.



We champion democracy as a cornerstone of our society, integral to our vision of equipping students with the skills and knowledge to navigate the world. Our School Council, student voice activities, and regular surveys provide a platform for students to participate in democratic processes, echoing our aspiration to foster responsible and engaged future leaders. Democracy is woven into our curriculum, from history to PSHE, reinforcing the importance of active citizenship.


The Rule of Law

We recognise that understanding the rule of law is paramount in shaping responsible and respectful individuals. The Turing School is a safe and structured environment where our students learn the importance of laws and their role in a democratic society. Our Citizenship programme delves into the importance of laws, the responsibilities that accompany them, and the consequences of their breach. Our dedicated staff model these principles daily, encouraging students to value and respect the rules that guide us.


Individual Liberty

We take pride in promoting individual liberty, a vital component of our vision for an inclusive, forward-thinking learning community. We foster an environment where students can make informed and responsible choices, teaching them about their rights and personal freedoms, and how to exercise them safely. This includes e-safety and PSHE lessons, as well as a wealth of enrichment activities. By understanding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and The Human Rights Act, our students gain a profound respect for individual freedoms and learn to exercise theirs responsibly.


Mutual Respect

Respect permeates every aspect of life at The Turing School. Our zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of bullying and our commitment to fostering an inclusive and respectful learning environment is deeply rooted in our core values. Assemblies, discussions, and our curriculum underscore the importance of mutual respect, reminding students of the impact their behaviours can have on themselves and others. Our RSE curriculum, coupled with a school-wide culture of empathy, equips our students with the tools necessary to navigate adulthood responsibly and respectfully.


Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

In line with our commitment to diversity, we encourage students to appreciate and respect all faiths and cultures. Through visits to places of worship, inviting guest speakers, and our diverse curriculum, we broaden students' horizons, nurturing their curiosity about the wider world. We celebrate our diverse school community, recognising it as a strength that enriches the educational experience for all.



Our assemblies are platforms to strengthen our shared values, engendering a spirit of empathy, respect, and tolerance. We respond to current issues that interest or impact our school community, inviting speakers from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences. Through this, we nurture a sense of shared community while celebrating the diversity that makes us unique.