At The Turing School, we believe that the best preparation for our students' future is an extensive, immersive, and holistic careers education. This conviction is at the heart of our vision, inspiring us to create an innovative, exceptional careers programme that prepares our students to confidently navigate their future.


A Holistic Careers Education

We understand the importance of helping students see the connection between their current learning and their future careers. Therefore, we embed career-related learning and skills within all our subject areas. Whether it's applying mathematical concepts to real-world financial management, exploring the role of science in various industries, or analysing literature to understand human behaviour in the workplace, we ensure that our lessons are rich with career insights. 


The Careers Hub

Our commitment to innovation led to the creation of our Careers Hub, a dedicated space filled with advanced software and a variety of prospectuses. Here, students can explore different careers, engage with interactive software to understand different industries and roles, and access resources that help them envision their future career paths.


Achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks

In line with the DfE’s Careers Guidance, we strive to achieve the 8 Gatsby Careers Benchmarks, reflecting international best practices in careers provision. These benchmarks guide our provision, ensuring our students have access to a stable careers programme, learning from career and labour market information, encounters with further and higher education, and meaningful encounters with employers.


External Workshops 

We understand that our exceptional careers education programme would not be possible without the support of our dedicated staff, local universities, businesses, and organisations. Our partnerships with external organisations such as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) further enrich our careers education programme. The DWP delivers workshops to our students on essential topics such as employability and financial management, providing valuable insights and practical advice that builds on our internal provision. 


Diverse Approaches to Careers Education

Our commitment to comprehensive careers education extends beyond the classroom. We actively incorporate career-focused themes into our assemblies, values lessons, and drop-down days. These activities provide unique opportunities for students to explore different careers, engage with guest speakers from various industries, and develop essential skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and communication.


Post-16 Transition

At The Turing School, we empower our students to confidently navigate their 'next steps journey'. Our Post-16 Transition Information introduces students to the breadth of Further Education Colleges, Apprenticeships, and Traineeships available, offering a diverse range of courses from BTEC vocational courses to 'A' Levels. In addition to guidance from our Careers Lead and Post-16 Coordinator, students benefit from explicit further education curriculum delivery via 'SPHERE' lessons, ensuring they are well-informed about their Post-16 options. We also invite Post-16 providers to host assemblies, offering a wider perspective of Further Education opportunities.


Promoting Higher Education routes is another key aspect of our careers education. We leverage our close relationships with Sussex and Brighton Universities, enabling staff and Student Ambassadors from each university to interact with our students, and provide opportunities for campus visits. For students needing additional guidance, the 'Youth Employability Service' (YES) provides group work sessions, one-to-one support, and practical assistance, such as accompanying students to College interviews. 

Students and Parents can access our Careers Hub here

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