At The Turing School, our commitment to empowering every student to realise their full potential is unwavering. This dedication is reflected in our approach to assessment, aligned with our values of aspiration, respect, diversity, and innovation.


Benefits of Assessment

Our robust assessment strategy employs a balanced blend of formative and summative assessments. Formative assessments, integrated throughout the learning journey, provide students with real-time, personalised feedback, honouring each student's unique learning pathway and they allow our teachers to adapt their teaching in real time to address misconceptions and learning needs. Our regular summative assessments offer a comprehensive measure of students' understanding and validate the effectiveness of our innovative teaching strategies. These assessments serve the dual function of measuring academic progress to inform our pedagogy and curriculum. The frequency of these varies, depending on the lesson allocations within each curriculum area. 


Our Assessment Principles

Guided by the principles of Purpose, Validity, Reliability, and Value, our approach is robust and meaningful. We ensure each assessment's purpose aligns with the subject-curriculum, with the information used to enhance our teaching methods and adapt our curriculum to the needs of our students. 

Validity and reliability are integral to our approach. We design assessments that accurately measure student understanding, ensuring inferences are relevant and appropriate. Consistency and precision are hallmarks of our approach, echoing our respect for each student's individual learning journey and commitment to supporting their academic progress.

The principle of value is also embedded within our assessment system. We balance the quality of information gained against the curriculum time invested, ensuring that assessments remain focused on addressing misconceptions and improving understanding. This commitment to efficient and effective assessment strategies ensures our assessments are tools that cultivate excellence.

At The Turing School, our assessment strategies drive our ambitious vision, reflecting our dedication to excellence in all we do.