Academically More Able

At The Turing School, we recognise and prioritise the needs of our academically advanced students, committing to provide a stimulating and challenging environment that consistently nurtures their potential. Our vision, underpinned by our values of aspiration, respect, diversity, and innovation, drives us to develop an exceptional, inclusive, and forward-thinking academic environment, ensuring each student is equipped for success in our rapidly changing world.


Aspiration: We foster a culture that empowers our academically advanced students to consistently aim for excellence. We understand the pivotal role high expectations play in stimulating intellectual curiosity and nurturing a deep love for learning. To this end, our curriculum is bold, ambitious, broad, and stretching, providing opportunities for students to engage with complex concepts and develop a comprehensive body of knowledge in their areas of interest. Our teaching strategies are tailored to cater specifically to the needs of our academically advanced students.

Respect: We believe in acknowledging and nurturing the individual potential of each student, providing a supportive environment that respects their unique talents and aspirations. We place great emphasis on enriching the learning experience of these students. Our wide array of extracurricular activities is designed to provide stimulating experiences that complement their academic studies. These activities offer our students invaluable opportunities for intellectual engagement and personal growth, while fostering a culture of mutual respect and cooperative learning.

Diversity: Our commitment to diversity is reflected in our exceptional teaching and learning experiences, tailored to meet the needs of our academically advanced students. We acknowledge that high potential can be found across all students and are dedicated to providing inclusive education. Our highly qualified teaching staff are not only experts in their respective subjects but also adept at recognizing and nurturing the talents of our highly able students, implementing interventions if a student is not fulfilling their potential.

Innovation: Our commitment to innovation underpins our approach to preparing our academically advanced students for a rapidly evolving future. We utilise evidence-based, interactive, and adaptive teaching strategies that not only challenge our students but also equip them with the skills and resilience necessary for future success. We continually monitor progress and provide targeted interventions to ensure each student is consistently challenged and able to fulfil their potential.